Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Angel, My love

My Angel, My love

my angel my love

I wake every morning with you in my mind,
Your love, your warmth brings joy inside.
Couldn't believe that just a few months past,
You, stranger, have become my love and my last.

Every moment you sit beside,
I hold you close, into my arms.
Sweeter moments were there but, its
The only moment I wish time stood still.

Gazing at your eyes I could feel,
Your everlasting love so strong, so real.
To hold your hand and walk aside,
I hope the day would never die.

I feel the world is peaceful when,
You lay on my chest and breath on my skin.
Theres nothing more I'd want from you,
Than your sweet lill smile that lured me to you.

The moment you stepped in my life I've found,
A whole new world with only love no doubt.
How ever i love you, I'm never satisfied,
Want to love you more till my heart desire.

You're my angel, the queen of my heart.
I'd promise to be there for you till the last.
You are so special and forever will
Stay my love and my angel still.
-Rajesh Mohan                                                                    


rojus said...

This is dedicated to the one that i love for a lifetime...for those who all had one love of ur life please leave a comment...

Deepa Nandakumar said...

No words for such a touching poem... :)

bindu menon said...

Aww..dear Rajesh..that was too heart wrenching a poem..My heart feels soo very heavy after going through each and every word of the poem..

May your love stay in your life forever..let her sweet memories linger on in your mind always..her lovely smile and the feel forever etched on the walls of your heart..Lucky girl she is to have you in her life..your feelings of care, admiration, desire and intense affection for your beloved must always stay in your heart giving you joys and a meaning to your life..Be there for her forever till your last breath..dont forget to live your Life..Wish the Best for her..

May God bless both of you always and always for eternity..My heart feels having tears in my eyes..Hugs to both of you dearies..Stay Happy :))
This song dedicated for both of you "Bin tere" from I Hate Luv Stories

Do listen and feel the song and lyrics..Speaks out everything you have in your mind for eachother..

Anonymous said...

like ^ n

Anonymous said...

How so very much I too loved someone in my past!
She is and was my angel. But then, I was and am a coward. Never expressed my love, and swept away by time and the cruel fate. Timid, wayward and unscrupulous did I live my life and lost my love. Poems such as this prick and never do breathe air into my smothering heart! My take on it all. Love :: only if you have the guts and morals.
-en naxatram